this text starts in the new capital of the June 22

this text starts in the new capital of the June 22, 2015 observer. p according to the Nanjing City Public Security Bureau Traffic Management Bureau official micro Bo news. On the afternoon of June 20, the friendship he Lu, Qinhuai District, Nanjing City, Shi Yang road junctions occur accident. A BMW car ran through a red light through the intersection, crashed into a
Cheap Nike Air Max 87 Men Canada Online Sale normal car after the car, hit a bus and a taxi again. Mazda car accident caused disintegration of the vehicle, two board staff died on the spot, the taxi driver was seriously injured. BMW owners, the driver fled the scene after the incident, the driver has been arrested on suspicion of traffic accident crime criminal detention, the relevant
Cheap Nike Air Max Men Canada Online Sale case is under further investigation. regardless of the process or the results, which are due to the serious traffic accident caused by malicious illegal driving. With drunk driving, drug driving and other suspicions continue to be the police ruled out, now the focus of public opinion has shifted to Wang Mou is suspected of the crime and the possible sentence. The Mazda car two personnel died on the spot, does not conform to the provisions of the death caused by escaping, so according to the Nanjing police detention charges, even Wang negative incidents full responsibility and has the accide
Mens Nike Air Max 2014 Light Yellow Blacknt after the escape plot, facing the statutory criminal liability is just more than three years seven years following have set term of imprisonment. In many people’s eyes, this punishment and the consequences of the two death of a injury not only can not appease the families of Blake Griffin Shoes the deceased, and is not conducive to curb the growing non bottom line driving behavior. in the growing popularity of private cars in various driving habits, social order has become a serious problem. Especially in recent years, some places have appeared to ignore the public safety without the bottom line driving behavior, so that every citizen can travel safely in the shadow of the can not be controlled. At the same time, the law is too weak to sanction such behavior, failing to halt the spread of chaos driving. 2010 by the amendments to the criminal code case eight, although the provisions of: on the road driving a motor vehicle chase compete drives, vile, or on the road of drunken driving motor, detention, fined. The reality is that the pursuit of competition is rarely criminal responsibility, and drunk driving without the consequences of the actual damage, Dwyane Wade Shoes Date↓NamePrice most of them are sentenced to probation. unless there is a hit and run in the circumstances, the maximum sentence of the crime of causing a traffic Nike Air Max Mens accident is only seven years. As a negligent crime, the criminal law may not be too low. But need to point out that, Nike Air Foamposite Women similar to the case of Wang’s behavior is likely to be more than the fault so simple. Any normal rational one can foresee, with close to 180 Air Jordan Shoes Mens kilometers per hour in the city on the road winds, and without authorization in running the red light is to be what are the consequences. It can be said that Wang knows his own behavior may cause damage to the social consequences, and let the occurrence of this kind of result, has been an indirect intent in the sense of criminal law. That is, Wang’s behavior has exceeded the scope of the crime of causing traffic casualties, endangering Nike Air Force Ones the safety of the society is not specific to
Cheap Air Trainer 1.3 Max Breathe Men Canada Online Sale most people, in full compliance with the dangerous method of endangering public safety crime constitution elements. If the crime is to be held criminally responsible, combined with the case of the death of two of the consequences of the injury, the king will be

Parenting education in single parent families and parents of different families

Parenting education in single parent families and parents of different families. Compared with the children of single parent families both parents of children, have different characteristics. As a result of the education of the children of single parent families, some special measures and methods should be used in addition to the general education method. The following is a single parent families how to prevent children with autism made a few suggestions. a to give a child full of love. Family and kindergarten teacher should give more love to the children of single parent families, to compensate for the children lost love, child mental trauma healed, leaving them physically and mentally healthy. Parents give their children the love is sincere, can give children unlimited power. But children in single parent families, since it has been in varying degrees to lose the love, so other relatives, teachers and peers to his love can also in a certain extent compensate, become a driving force for encouraging children to move on the road of life. two material requirements for meeting the needs of children. Single parent families even when economic conditions are poor, should also try to care for children’s life, try to for children create necessary conditions of material life, make their material st
Womens Air Jordan 1 Low AAA Black Pink Whiteandard of living with parents in general commander of the family children the difference is not too big. If a little bit worse, it should also try to explain the truth to children, to eliminate their inferiority complex, so that they can correctly treat. three Nike Air Max Women to guide children to participate actively in the collective social activities. Single
Cheap Womens Jordan 3 AAA UK Online Sale parent families of children, due to the unfortunate, often depressed, introverted, do not like social. Therefore, parents Nike Flex Experience RN and teachers should Glow in the Dark Jordan Men pay special attention to guide them to participate in the collective social
Cheap Womens Jordan 11 AAA UK Online Sale activities, to cultivate their positive emotions and good character. four cultivate children’s interest and some special skills, encourage children to actively become useful. Children of single parent families, due to the trauma of the mind, often feel depressed, and parents should try to transfer their negative emotions. The better way is to cultivate their interest or some special skills. Such as learning musical instruments, or learning to sing songs, drawing, etc., and encourage them to continue to work hard, to achieve results. So that children in the life had the interest hobby, the pursuit of the goal, mood will be Nike Max 90 Current Moire optimistic, character will in the activity by the exercise and the increasingly strong, from the fire out Lebron James Shoes of the pole, and pessimistic mood. five the divorce family should be civilized divorce, after divorce, Nike Free Run 3 both parents should continue to care for their children. Currently
Cheap Womens Jordan 1 AAA UK Online Sale many divorced parents, arguing in before the divorce, enemies, after the divorce, continue to hate each other, are not in contact with the children’s pain. How to reduce the trauma of the next generation of the next generation to the minimum, which is a problem that needs to be studied. American psychologist Persian Knott in the parent and child, a book put forward this idea: from the marriage of the parents, although have not husband and wife, but the best way is to do a child’s parents. The meaning of this statement is that although the couple has divorced, but the relationship between parents and children still exists, parents should care about their children, for the sake of their children’s happiness. If both parents really can think for their children, so not only after divorce can continue to care for their children, not before the divorce

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Cheap Nike Max 90 Current Moire Canada Online Sale blog visitors visit: 305975 bloggers integral: 1321 points Bowen number: 87 opening time: 20100617 announcement Tags: Chinese new year have passed, this is Nike Air Force Ones I the first without a large increase in the Spring Festival, is currently weighing 63.2 kilograms, long 0.2 kg, very normal. During the Spring Festival I followed only eat a meal delicious, after all, is the feast, not his mouth, after all, life is alive is to enjoy the delicious food, ha ha, or that sentence, weight the most important secret keeping is to control all day caloric intake, eat a meal to cover with two other meals. Blake Griffin Shoes Click to view the original label: today is the last day of 2010, here in the first place to give you friends a happy new year. Today weight 63 kg whole new year for each reduction of friends is really love and hate, love is can eat delicious and friends together, hate is sure to rise meat and recent relatives and friends began to Air Jordan Shoes Mens gifts, meat, sausage, cakes and drinks. I am speechless, do not eat really wasted, Dwyane Wade Shoes Date↓NamePrice bad reckless, huh, huh, but I think I can still, in a word a day’s calories not excessive. Yesterday morning: coarse grains to drink a cup, big jujube cake 1
Mens Nike Max 90 Current Moire Yellow block at noon: 2 pieces of cake, whole grains, and drink a cup, cake a night: a bowl of beef, cake half block no way, sent the cake to eat bad, huh, huh. Click to view the original label? Today: 62.9 kilograms
Cheap Nike Max 90 Current Moire Men Canada Online Sale of weight, continue to maintain at around 63 kg, immediately to the Spring Festival, many netizens in online chatting with the Spring Festival Nike Air Max Mens next
Cheap Nike Max 90 Current Moire Women Canada Online Sale year and reduced the mentality of guys, I think during the Spring Festival can through various means in the Food enjoy hold weight, to recommend I practice, at most a day and enjoy a Food, other time meal to eat light, eat Food after the next meal must pay more attention to, if not hungry do not harden into his mouth, but the belly of the food to fully digest time, also must remember to drink plenty of water, even if at night, I usually morning and evening to drink a cup of honey water, roughly 400 ml, the other time will drink 5 to 6 cups of wolfberry chrysanthemum tea, keep the body strong The new supersedes the old. The new year is approaching, I hope the friends to enjoy the food to keep their weight. Click to see the original tags:? The first photo is a wife and wife to take pictures of pregnant women, the photographer to shoot us, second is my little baby: Chen Hanyu. Haha Click to view the original label: drink plenty of water to lose weight is definitely a good, ha ha. Current weight and return to 62.7 Nike Air Foamposite Women kilograms, may be the reason for the recent recovery of the children back home after the resumption of exercise, winter exercise is good, while watching TV while walking. At present my diet: 6 points: fasting honey water 1 cups. Morning: three small French bread, Youlemei milk 1 cup at noon: corn steamed corn bread 1 large, garlic agaric eggs fried meat, a bowl, kelp stew half bowl. Evening: 10 small oranges, 1 pieces of candy, 1 bowls of porridge, 2 wonton, half bowl dish. Wang Laoji a cup of text between the evening

Jiang Jie’s amendment to the amendment of criminal law nine

Jiang Jie’s amendment to the amendment of criminal law nine, the amendment of this amendment has been submitted to the opinion of the China National People’s Congress nine. rel= the criminal law of the Nike Flex Experience RN people’s Republic of China nine Draft ; amendment clause p amp; a, in the Criminal Law Article 37 after one article is added, as one of the article 37: due to the use of professional Nike Free Run 3 facilitation to commit the crime, or contrary to professional requirements of the
Cheap Womens Jordan 6 AAA UK Online Sale specific obligations of the crime were sentenced to punishment, the people’s court can according to the needs of the crime and the prevention of recidivism crime, to prohibit the punishment has been completely executed, or parole, engaged in related professional, for a period of three years to five years. p amp; prohibited engaged in related occupations of strong
Cheap Womens Jordan 13 AAA UK Online Sale criminals strong violation of the people’s court in accordance with th
Womens Air Jordan 6 Two Tone AAA White Purple Pinke provisions of the preceding paragraph shall make Lebron James Shoes the decision, by the public security organs punished according to the law; if the circumstances are serious, in accordance with the provisions of Article 313 of the convicted and punished. other laws and administrative regulations shall be prohibited or restricted by the relevant professional work, from its provisions. Nike Max 90 Current Moire modified recommendation br the second paragraph is amended as: is prohibited from engaging in the career related strong released from prison staff and parole strong make violation of the people’s court in accordance with the provisions of the preceding paragraph shall make the decision, by the public security organs punished according to law; if the circumstances are serious, convicted and punished in accordance with the provisions of Article 313 of the law. modification reasons p this title has obvious traces the history and political overtones, derogatory and discrimination means in some degree, is not the norm of criminal law terms. Now criminal law, criminal procedure law has in the different stages of criminal proceedings of crime or possibly be guilty have different names, investigation stage, review and prosecution stage suspects that trial, the judge said the accused and
Cheap Womens Jordan Pro Classic AAA UK Online Sale convicted criminals. In the criminal law, there are still a lot of places to use it is suggested that the criminal law should be deleted and replaced by p in addition, according to the first paragraph the provisions of is Nike Air Max Women self punishment has been completely executed and parole day, in Glow in the Dark Jordan Men the second paragraph of is amended as or parole, plus released is more accurate.

reasonable determination of the boundary of the lawyer’s Li Yingchun in recent days

reasonable determination of the boundary of the lawyer’s Nike Free Run 3 Li Yingchun in recent days, several lawyers in WeChat group are the most discussed: several Sike lawyers were arrested. Again circle of friends and flipping through the microblogging, the expression of a variety of metaphors and similes are about the many socalled Sike lawyer caught the news. In the criminal law amendment nine Draft to
Cheap Womens Jordan Pro Classic AAA UK Online Sale consider the occasion, any information on the Nike Max 90 Current Moire crime of lawyers, Nike Air Max Women no doubt, will further lead to the right of lawyers to practice the right to worry and concern. first, the crime of disrupting the order of the court: the lawyer’s words into the regulatory object Standard change of 1. charges. the establishment of the crime of disrupting the order of the court in the criminal law of our country was established in 1997. The legislative purpose lies in the behavior of mob hongnao, impact of the court and beat the judicial personnel shall be Nike Flex Experience RN regulated by the criminal law. after the establishment of the charges, Lebron James Shoes nearly thirty years have not changed. In the actual
Womens Jordan 6 AAA Deep Blue With Pinkapplication of the crime, the general will be the criminal procedure law, the provisions of the 161st to investigate. That is: in the course of the trial, the judge should be warned to stop the trial if the court is involved or in violation of the order of the court. If you do not listen to the stop, you can take out the court; if the circumstances are serious, a fine of one thousand yuan or less than fifteen days. Fines, detention must be approved by the president. That is to say, although disrupting the order of the court Glow in the Dark Jordan Men the crime have been established in the criminal law, but in practice the judicial organ or as much as possible to judicial and administrative punishment of acts disrupting the order of the court for processing. according to the original charges of the legal meaning, the terms are mainly considered to be for the parties and observers to disrupt the order of the court. An action agent or defender, because of his or his agent’s acts and acts of defense, is generally considered to be a lawyer’s job behavior, which is very rare to disturb the court’s potential and 2014 in October 27,, criminal law amendment 9 draft of crimes of disrupting the order of the court were modified to increase
Cheap Womens Jordan 13 AAA UK Online Sale the number of shall be investigated for criminal responsibility: Mob uproar, the impact of the court; beating judicial officers or participants in
Cheap Womens Jordan 6 AAA UK Online Sale the proceedings; insult, libel, threats of judicial staff or litigation participants, do not listen to the court to stop, seriously disrupting the order of the court; there are other disrupting the order of court, if the circumstances are serious. According to the provisions of the basic meaning, which means that the insult, libel, threats, and other court words can be into the crime. Facts of the 2. amendments. obviously, the amendment to the crime of disrupting the order of the court, in the legislative

See visitors visit blog: 141145 bloggers integral: 517 Bowen number: 32 opening time: 20101022 announcement classical clinical record Hwang

See visitors visit blog: 141145 bloggers integral: 517 Bowen number: 32 opening time: 20101022 Air Jordan Shoes Mens announcement classical clinical record Hwang, female, 47 years old. Patients with recurrence of gastric stromal tumor after surgery and transferred to the pleura, abdominal cavity, longterm use of Gleevec, pleural effusion has not appeared in 2013 In February 5, 2015, a large number of dilute dark red, urgent admission diagnosis of gastric bleeding. Blood transfusion 1200ml, symptomatic treatment for one week, the stool is still black, and the chest tightness, breathing, facial edema, according to the. Examination shows a large number of pleural effusion, a large number of ascites, and discharged to the clinic. The tongue has a thin border of teeth, the tongue coating is white, and the pulse is weak. Atractylodes each 20 grams, agrimony 30 grams of fried Polyporus Fuling Zexie, stoves subsoil 30 grams,
Cheap Nike Air Max 90 VT Men Canada Online Sale 10 grams of Scutellaria, Radix aconitilateralis Preparata 10 grams, Rehmannia 20 grams, 30 grams of Astragalus, Radix Paeoniae Alba 20 grams, 3 grams of rhubarb, pepperweed seed 20 grams, jujube 10. Five agent after referral,
Cheap Nike Air Max 90 VT Canada Online Sale turn yellow stool, chest tightness loss procumbent, face and extremities edema disappeared, weight loss 3 kg, to rhubarb plus 20 grams of Radix Codonopsis, take five agent again, facial edema of the li
Womens Nike Air Max 90 VT All Blackmbs, abdomen flat and soft, in water reduced. Normal stool, weight loss of 4 kg. Go to the kitchen, subsoil, Scutellaria Radix aconitilateralis Preparata, Radix Paeoniae Nike Air Force Ones Alba, continue treatment. Click to see the original classical clinical recorded female, 39 years old, repeated attacks on the margins of the tongue tip appears red and burning pain, insomnia, dry eyes, thirsty and like hot drinks, stool unhappy. Red tongue moss thin yellow, thin pulse string slightly, usually irritability. Eight flavour Chufan soup: Pinellia 10 grams, Magnolia officinalis 10 grams, Poria 10 grams, perilla stem 10 grams, Fructus aurantii 10 grams, gardenia 10 grams, Radix Dwyane Wade Shoes Date↓NamePrice Scutellariae 10 grams, forsythia 20 grams, 10 grams of cicada, Caulis Polygoni Multiflori 10 grams. Water decoction, after the five agent, the symptoms disappeared. Click to view the original clinical record by a 67 year old girl, a retired Blake Griffin Shoes teacher. Stomach Anhui burning, gas rushed in, epigastric skin cold, belching, acid regurgitation, dry mouth, want to drink, dry eyes get maddening, hunger and food bulge, dizziness Shen, voice light, skin white flour Park, is sweating, stool node when dilute, normal urine, purple tongue dark, thin white fur, sunken pulse string. Wumeiwan Modified Decoction of five agents, on the chest, epigastric burning gas disappeared, residual disease were reduced. Click to view the original clinical record by Ms. Chen, 31 years old. Patients 6 months feel palpitation, in a hospital in hypertension treatment is invalid, on July 9, check the blood pressure: 190130mmHg to 3 armour hospital diagnosis of adrenal cortical adenoma and primary aldosteronism. And surgery, blood pressure is stable but symptoms did not improve, August 28 day visit. Now, the main symptoms: insomnia, heart palpitations, chest tightness, air force, mouth pain, dry throat, no dizziness, Nike Air Max Mens easy to sweat, neck after, night vomiting, Nike Air Foamposite Women alter ego, afraid of cold heat, tongue edge often ulceration, pale red tongue, while teeth marks, moss white Houzhong is slightly
Cheap Nike Air Max 90 VT Women Canada Online Sale yellow, pulse breakdown weakness, prescription: Xiaochaihu Decoction synthetic Guizhi keel oyster soup 5 agents, palpitations, insomnia, chest tightness, air force significantly improved, no bitter taste in the mouth, throat, sweating, vomiting above and then into the five agents and more. Click to see the original text.

this text has been through the micro channel public number set the world to publish

this text has been through the micro channel public number set the world to publish, search licomments for attention! Li Guyi Zeng Jie Gu
Cheap Womens Air Jordan 4 AAA UK Online Sale Xin the corruption of the Oriental Song and dance ensemble after being removed from their posts, which is today Phoenix home a news headline, read this sentence, there will be what kind of impression? Li Guyi has been corruption report Gu Xin, after being removed from their posts believe that most people will think so. But in fact, Li Guyi and Gu Xin in the Oriental Song and dance and there is no intersection. Li Guyi report occurred in 2000 August, reports said: in the restructuring before, had exposed corruption and rumors. In August 2000, as the Oriental Song and dance ensemble Party Secretary Li Guyi called poke regiment corruption Insider: dividing the premiere, accounts and financial management confusion, leading individual pocketed, Nike Flex Experience RN and to the relevant departments reported investigation, but have no results. No matter below, and Li Guyi was removed from the post. Gu Xin is in 2010 transferred to Oriental performing arts gro
Womens Jordan 5 Nubuck Grey Blackup, the report said, e: Guangming Daily said, in 2010, Gu Xin from Jiangsu performing arts group transferred to Oriental performing arts, presided over the restructuring in the first troupes of the troupes under the Ministry of culture. Oriental Performing Arts Group Co., Ltd.
Cheap Womens Jordan 5 Nubuck UK Online Sale is in the China Lebron James Shoes Oriental Song and dance ensemble based, in 2009 November enterprise restructuring of the establishment of largescale stateowned cultural enterprise groups; its predecessor China National Song and dance ensemble Nike Air Max Women and Oriental Song and dance Nike Free Run 3 ensemble is China’s
Cheap Womens Jordan 5 AAA UK Online Sale most famous national song and dance troupe. Li Guyi’s report and the main political Gu Xin, ten years. Gu Xin and Zhuzheng Oriental Glow in the Dark Jordan Men performing arts group, is not Li Guyi’s report of the Oriental Song and dance ensemble. But the editor of the Phoenix hard to two people pull together, making the Li Guyi Zeng Jie Nike Max 90 Current Moire Gu Xin the corruption of the Oriental Song and dance ensemble afterwards was removed from the post such a title, to convey information is Li Guyi because the report, Gu Xin will which was removed from the post. The content of the news report is a typical title party. Phoenix to make such a title, it is to want to try a short sentence, Li Guyi and Gu Xin these two celebrities together, to highlight the celebrity effect, to attract the reader’s eye. However, the title of the standard is to be true to reflect the content of the article, it is clear that the crime was committed to avoid. Phoenix News Link: Li Guyi has uncovered corruption after the tube and was removed from the post 2015, 07, 10, 04:49 source: Xi’an evening news original title: Gu Xin, chairman of the Oriental performing arts group

; Germany how to put power into the cage system ; in the western countries

; Germany how to put power into the cage system ; in the western countries, Germany is a relatively clean country, in 2012, the Transparency International announced a clean index of thirteenth. the German government clean and complete the power restriction and supervision system are inseparable. to establish a strict civil service recruitment and management system. People want to enter the public body to serve, must pass strict scrutiny. Adhere to the faithful, honest, hardworking and serious standards, through the open recruitment, strict examination, and pledge allegiance to the state and the civil service code of conduct. In many state regulations, the provisions of the strict inspection system, regardless of whether or not the illegal behavior, the higher authorities should regularly to the lower section of the comprehensive work of examination and assessment. In order to prevent corruption, Germany, the implementation of the risk assessment of civil service positions, rotation system, government officials including anticorruption staff 5 years must exchange rotation. During the post found violations, immedi
Mens Nike Air Max 90 Premium Grey Green Whiteately removed from the current position. The German government requires that all acts of civil servants must be open, each
Cheap Nike Air Max 90 Premium Canada Online Sale civil servants must be prepared to accept the supervision and investigation. The reasons for decisionmaking should be demonstrated, the decisionmaking process of the record, and require the time, place, there is no higher level of influence, whether it represents my wishes and other information. After the official implementation of the civil service should be reported, signed, and longterm preservation, after the record as evidence of use, easy to pursue. The establishment of power decomposition and control system. As a major construction project bidding, bidding, larger fiscal expenditure, a police officer in the execution of
Cheap Nike Air Max 90 Premium Women Canada Online Sale official must be two or more counterparts, can not act alone, the black box operation; system design, a lot of work must also is a Blake Griffin Shoes number of departments to participate in together to complete. German civil service code of conduct clearly stipulates that engaged in public service personnel can not engage in a second job, such as work need to engage Nike Air Foamposite Women in a
Cheap Nike Air Max 90 Premium Men Canada Online Sale second job, after the approval of the competent department at a higher level, Dwyane Wade Shoes Date↓NamePrice otherwise, must be ordered to resign from office. to set strict limits on accepting gifts and benefits system. All public officials shall not accept any form of gift or donation from any aspect or form. For civil servants accepting gifts to the boundaries of 15 euros, the government must be worth more than 15 euros worth of gifts. Germany on the rights and obligations of civil servants, welfare, etc. made a very detailed provisions, emphasizing that all public officials, including family members are not allowed Nike Air Force Ones to accept any form of gift. This Air Jordan Shoes Mens provision from the Nike Air Max Mens president, the prime minister to the ordinary civil servants, without exception. Complete

Cultural Inspection: procuratorial work of the avenue of stars of the Baotou Municipal People’s Procuratorate

Cultural Inspection: procuratorial work of the avenue of stars of the Baotou Municipal People’s Procuratorate. br note: accidentally will of the blog in the original accidentally deleted, thanks to the other reproduced, the recovered, the paste again in this. Justice Network Law blog blog, in Baotou City procuratorate visit is brief, but the Baotou City procuratorate left my impression is profound. Wang Yanyun for the Baotou Municipal People’s Procuratorate achievement, can examine many aspects, peers will make their own views. In
Cheap Nike Air Max 90 Premium Women Canada Online Sale view of the Baotou Municipal People’s Procuratorate make most memorable and shocked me is its cultural construction, so here I just choose cultural construction perspective, thus evident and peep the panorama. I have always believed that the rule of law is not only a system of civilization Blake Griffin Shoes and material civilization, but also the construction of the rule of law and cultural construction continues to deepen and promote. Culture is
Mens Nike Air Max 90 Premium White Green Bluea kind of multi directional and comprehensive penetration. Dwyane Wade Shoes Date↓NamePrice It is a kind of inner essence, gas, God. Baotou Municipal People’s Procuratorate Nike Air Foamposite Women attention to plural culture carrier makes full use of, the cultural achievements can be summarized from six aspects: one is insist that the procuratorial business culture as the core; Nike Air Force Ones the second is to pay attention to the application of science and technology information and
Cheap Nike Air Max 90 Premium Canada Online Sale culture; the third is to pay attention to their own cultural heritage; the fourth is to create the cultural environment; the fifth is to uphold distinctive cultural inclusiveness, carry out rich and colorful recreational and sports activities. I have a little bit of a little. from the introduction, we learned that the Baotou City procuratorate based on the forefront of the region, striving
Cheap Nike Air Max 90 Premium Men Canada Online Sale for national firstclass as the goal, build city county one, two linkage work pattern, a number of jobs and business indicators into the autonomous region and the national advanced ranks, has been awarded the seriously investigate damage the livelihood of the people the benefit of the people of dereliction of duty and infringement special work advanced collectives, national civilized reception room, national excellent prosecution team, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac construction advanced collective the Supreme People’s Procuratorate. Under the jurisdiction of the grassroots level six won the honorary Nike Air Max Mens title of advanced grassroots four were identified as national and the autonomous region of the four demonstration school. Baotou Municipal People’s Procuratorate organization to carry out a in one industry, one product and boutique projects to create work, is aroused widespread concern; emerged by the Supreme People’s Procuratorate wing Kee a group Qingshan District Prosecutor’s office and the national model procuratorate Kun District Procuratorate, and national advanced worker, a national model for Air Jordan Shoes Mens procuratorial

Henan Provincial Higher People’s court to pursue lifelong responsibility for misjudged cases Trial 1: General p Article 1 in order to strengthen the sense of responsibility to the judge handling the case

Henan Provincial Higher People’s court to pursue lifelong responsibility for misjudged cases Trial 1: General p Article 1 in order to strengthen the sense of responsibility to the judge handling the case, standardize judicial action, to promote the just and honest administration of justice, according to the Supreme People’s court the personnel of a people’s Court Regulations on the punishment, the people’s court supervision work regulations, the judicial personnel of the people’s Court of illegal adjudication, chase research approach Nike Air Max Mens Trial and other relevant provisions, combined with the province’s trial, performs the actual work, formulate the measures. p Article 2 the people’s court staff in the trial and enforcement should be strict justice, shall not handle cases in violation of laws and regulations, the Dwyane Wade Shoes Date↓NamePrice statutory procedures, to do a case quality lifelong responsibility. p Article 3 as mentioned in the present Measures of misjudged case is generally refers to the personnel of a Blake Griffin Shoes people’s court in a case in the process of intentional
Cheap Nike Air Max 90 Premium Women Canada Online Sale violation of trial and execution work related laws and regulations resulting in the referee, the results of the implementation of error, or
Mens Nike Air Max 90 Premium Silver Black Fadeaway Reddue to gross negligence, breach of trial and execution laws and regulations relating to work the referee, execution errors, resulting in serious consequences of the case. fourth cases constitute cases by the judicial committee at all levels of court Air Jordan Shoes Mens in accordance with this way to confirm. To confirm the judicial committee for misjudged cases, discipline inspection and supervision, organization and personnel departments in accordance with the relevant provisions, the relevant personnel accountability. p Article 5 the province of the courts set up misjudgments pursue work leading group, chaired by the party secretary, President, deputy party secretary, vice president in charge of the trial management work of hospital leadership, discipline inspection team leader and Political Department Director Ren, deputy
Cheap Nike Air Max 90 Premium Men Canada Online Sale head of the. Discipline inspection and supervision departments, trial management office responsible for the daytoday work misjudged cases. sixth misjudged cases should adhere to the following principles: a held the principle of seek truth from facts,; two cases of lifelong responsibility accountability principle; three according to the law review, in accordance with the procedures to confirm the principle; four is responsible for the responsibility of the self, the penalty when its principle; five combination of punishment and education. The second chapter case seventh kinds of cases are one of the following circumstances, relevant personnel shall be investigated for responsibility for misjudged cases: a to handle cases or
Cheap Nike Air Max 90 Premium Canada Online Sale collusion manufacturing false case in violation of the provisions of ; p 2 to destroy, alter, conceal, forge evidence or instigate, help others to commit perjury, lead to wrong judgment;, p 3 without making litigation, implementation documents, or making litigation documents, contrary to the collegiate Nike Air Force Ones court review results, the decision of the judicial committee, or due to gross negligence leading to litigation documents the error, resulting in serious consequences;, four to the full court, the court of the trial of the report of the case Nike Air Foamposite Women deliberately conceal the main